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QUIZ: Can you name the correct answers to the following F.R.I.E.N.D.S questions?

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What was Phoebe's roommates name?
According to Rachel, what was Emma's first word?
What American state did Joey believe Ross made up?
What was the name of Phoebe's rat?
What word did Rachel misspell on her resume?
What does Ross want to take from the hotel reception desk in Vermont?
Why did Chandler break up with his first girlfriend?
What broke the Gellar family porch swing?
Why did Monica loose weight?
What caused Phoebe's apartment to burn down?
On what programme, does Joey work with a robot?
Why did Monica have a crush on Joey?
Who did Phoebe kiss, as she believed he was Ralph Lauren?
Who was Monica's first kiss?
What on the toliet paper wrapper does Chandler say 'freaks him out'?
Who did Ross kiss, when he believed it was Rachel?
Which volume of Encyclopedia does Joey buy?
What is the name of Ross and Monica's cousin who didn't invite Monica to her wedding?
Who compares Monica to 'an empty vase'
When talking to Richard's date, what did Chandler say he did when he was uncomfortable?
How many years apart were Monica and Richard?
Chandler hates dogs, but what does Ross hate?
What was Janice's ex-husband best known as?
When Rachel and Ross break up, Ross wants a certain shirt back, what does that shirt say?
Where did Rachel say her apothecary table was shipped from?

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