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Can you name the Top 100 Punk Bands according to the Punk forums on

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1.Holiday In Cambodia
2.London Calling
3.American Jesus
4.Blitzkrieg Bop!
5.Sound System
6.TV Party
7.Guilty Of Being White
8.A Better Place, A Better Time
10.I Against I
11.Thrash Unreal
12.Anarchy In The U.K.
13.Gang Control
14.Time Bomb
15.Crack Rock Steady
16.I'm Shipping Up To Boston
18.New Direction
19.Last Caress
20.Alternative Ulster
22.New Noise
24.Mickey Mouse Is Dead
25.When The **** Hits The Fan
26.I Wanna Be Your Dog
27.Joker In The Pack
28.England Belongs To Me
29.New Girl
30.Young Til I Die
31.I Was Wrong
32.Bitchin' Camaro
33.Give It All
34.Aluminum Union
35.Drunken Lullabies
36.Keasbey Nights
37.Miss Murder
38.Kool Thing
39.Sick Boy
40.Makes No Sense At All
42.If the Kids Are United
43.Punk Is Dead
44.Pale Blue Eyes
45.Little Johnny Jewel
46.New Rose
47.The Serenade Is Dead
48.Punk Unity
49.Just Like Clockwork
50.Heart A Tact
51.White Girl
52.Silence Is Golden But Duct Tape Is Silver
53.Die For Your Government
54.The King Is Dead
56.Verbal Kint
57.Personality Crisis
58.Protest And Survive
59.Outlaw Heart
60.Blank Generation
61.Gimme Shelter
63.Because The Night
65.Kick Out The Jams
66.Supermarket Song
67.Academy Fight Song
68.Under Your Influence
69.Ever Fallen In Love
70.Only Anarchists Are Pretty
71.I Don't Care About You
72.Scream Out
73.The Science Of Selling Yourself Short
74.Modern Day Witch Hunt
75.Bro Hymn
76.Filthy Greedy Guilty
77.Some Of Us Scream, Some Of Us Shout
78.Sex & Violence
79.Lexicon Devil
80.Unknown Soldier
81.Outdoor Miner
82.Gotta Go
83.Positively Positive
84.Damaged Goods
85.World War 3
86.I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
87.I've Got Asthma
89.Drink Some More
91.Gary Gilmore's Eyes
92.Alone In New Jersey
93.Darkest Days
94.Elvis Is Everywhere
95.Surfin' on Heroin
96.All This And More
97.Young Republican
98.Oh, Susquehanna!
99.Free Pizza For Life
100.Punk Rock Academy

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