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Where is Walt Disney's old apartment located inside Disneyland?
What smell is pumped out of vents in order to draw guests into shops along Main Street U.S.A.?
What is the name of the refreshment center where guests may find a lightbulb painted both red and white?
What item is never lowered from the top of Main Street Station?
Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and _________?
Name any of the small bronze Disney character statues that are located in the Central Plaza
Name one of two locations where guests can purchase Disney Corn Dogs in Disneyland Park
Which Disney character hosts the Disney character breakfast at the Plaza Inn?
What is unique about all the plants in Tomorrowland?
The design of Astro Orbitor was inspired by which famous author's work?
What former Disneyland ride still has pieces of its structure located in the center of Tomorrowland?
What Michael Jackson show was located underneath Space Mountain?
What is Space Mountain transformed into during the Halloween holiday?
Which Star Wars vehicle once hung in the Starcade that guests could observe while in line for Space Mountain?
What was the name of the famous robot that hosted Innoventions in Tomorrowland?
What is the highest rank a guest can earn on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters?
Name one Sith Lord that guests could fight at the Jedi Training Academy?
Who pilots the spacecraft in Star Tours: The Adventures Continue
Which Disney attraction was the first of its kind in the Western Hemisphere?
Name any of the three original Autopia Cars
What automotive company currently sponsors Autopia?
In the Chevron sponsored version of Autopia, which celebrity provides the voice for the Autopia car stuck at a red light in the line queue?
Which Finding Nemo character can be found diving for fish at the beginning of Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage?
What attraction was located where Pixie Hollow is currently located?
What item of clothing can be found on the top of the mushroom at the entrance to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?
Which teacups in the Mad Tea Party are rumored to spin the slowest?
What is the name of the yeti featured on the Matterhorn Bobsleds?
Which side of the Matterhorn Bobsleds is faster? Tomorrowland or Fantasyland?
Which ride provides guests with a feather before boarding the attraction?
In what European country does Pinocchio's Daring Journey take place?
King Arthur's Carousel features images on the attraction that are from which Disney animated film?
Which famous building can guests spot when flying over London in Peter Pan's Flight?
What is the name of the pub featured in Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
How many times does Snow White appear in Snow White's Scary Adventures?
Which Disney Animated film is Casey Jr. Circus Train featured in?
What was the original purpose of the lighthouse featured at the entrance to Storybook Land Canal Boats?
What is the name of the princess themed store located at the entrance to Fantasyland?
How many Disney Characters are found on It's A Small World?
During the holiday season of It's a Small World, whose silhouette is visible in the first room of the attraction?
Which Disney character makes use of the zipline between Sleeping Beauty Castle and the Matterhorn during fireworks show?
What type of animal is always kept in the moat surrounding Sleeping Beauty Castle?
How many ride attractions are located in Fantasyland?
What is the oldest operating show in Disneyland Park?
How much money does operating a rifle cost at the Frontierland Shooting Exposition?
What is the oldest item located in Disneyland Park?
The rock spires of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad are inspiration taken from which US National Park?
What is the name of the small scale town seen in line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad?
What former Disneyland attraction once played host to characters from Home on the Range?
Which company sponsors The Enchanted Tiki Room?
What are the names of any of the birds in The Enchanted Tiki Room?
What is the name of the salesman who appears in the Jungle Cruise?
Who discovered Schweitzer Falls according to Jungle Cruise Skippers?
How many shots does a Jungle Cruise skipper fire to scare off the hippopotamus?
What small magical creature has a home near the entrance to Indiana Jones Adventure?
Which famous Glen Miller tune plays on the radio in the walk queue of Indiana Jones Adventure?
Name any of the three treasures one can receive when visiting the Temple of the Forbidden Eye
Which Winnie the Pooh character can be found in the rafters of the film room in the Temple of the Forbidden Eye?
Which famous family occupied the Adventureland Treehouse prior to Tarzan?
What image is featured behind a waterfall inside Dead Mans Cove on Pirates of the Caribbean?
Where is one real human skull located in Pirates of the Caribbean?
How many skeletons are featured in Pirates of the Caribbean?
What special shape do the cannonballs of the Black Pearl make in the holes of the Port Royal fort?
What is the name of the man being drowned in the well by pirates on Pirates of the Caribbean?
What is the name of the pirate themed store located at the exit of Pirates of the Caribbean?
An artist's rendition of Native American cliff dwellings can be found in which attraction in Disneyland Park?
What is being transmitted via morse code at the New Orleans Square Train Station?
What is the last name of the supposed owner of the Haunted Mansion?
What mythological character does the portrait of a woman take shape of when struck by lightning in the Haunted Mansion?
The actress that voices Madame Leota also voices what other Disney animated character(s)?
What can be found covered up by 'spider web' on one of the glass panes in the Haunted Mansion Ballroom?
What is the name of the murderous bride in the Haunted Mansion?
Which Nightmare Before Christmas character appears more than ten times in Haunted Mansion Holiday?
What is the name of the jazz band that often performs at the French Market restaurant?
What was Pirate Island originally named?
What is the name of the fort on Pirate Island?
Which Disney villain uses the Sailing Ship Columbia as his vessel during Fantasmic?
Which attraction were the animatronic characters of Splash Mountain originally taken from?
Who is the owner of the cellar, harbor, and inn located in the New Orleans Square/Critter Country section of Disneyland?
Name one of two items found inside barrels in the wellhouse on Splash Mountain
Where is Brer Rabbit's home located on Splash Mountain?
What are the speakers on The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh disguised as?
How many times does Christopher Robin appear on The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh?
What is the name of the candy store next to The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh?
What is the name of the planet that Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is supposed to be located on?
Name any of the three roles a guest can have on Smugglers Run?
What is the name of the Mon Calamarian lieutenant that aids future Resistance members on Rise of the Resistance?
Name the two colors of milk that can be purchased in Galaxy's Edge?
What type of animals are the villains featured in Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin?
Which Disney Characters live in a treehouse in Mickey's Toontown?
What animal sprays water at guests on Gadget's Go Coaster?
What baking item expands and then deflates inside Minnie Mouse's oven in Mickey's Toontown?
Mickey's ____________ Parade is the most current and standard version of Disneyland's parades
Which actress provides the narration for Disneyland's 'Remember...Dreams Come True' Fireworks Show?
During the holiday season, what does Disneyland use to simulate snowfall following the end of its Holiday Fireworks show?
Name the two films that have scenes filmed inside of Disneyland Park
Name the two lands that generally open during Mickey's Magic Morning in Disneyland Park?
What is the name of the most expensive restaurant in Disneyland Park?
What year were Fastpasses introduced at Disneyland Park?
Name the street to the north of where Disneyland Park is located
On which date did Disneyland open?

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