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Can you name the Odd Couple Celebrity Cameos?

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Famous AsCelebrity CameoEpisode
Opera singer #31 'Does Your Mother Know You're Out, Rigoletto?'
Talk show host #33 'The Odd Couple Meet their Host'
Sportscaster #49 'Big Mouth'
Football player #55 'Felix's First Commercial'
Game show host #58 'Password'
Actress #58 'Password'
Game show host #67 'Let's Make a Deal'
Football player #69 'Take My Furniture, Please'
Ballet dancer #72 'Last Tango in Newark'
TV and radio host #76 'The New Car'
Singer #78 'The Songwriter'
Radio DJ #78 'The Songwriter'
Tennis player #80 'The Pig Who Came to Dinner'
Tennis player #80 'The Pig Who Came to Dinner'
Famous AsCelebrity CameoEpisode
Game show host #80 'A Different Drummer'
Publisher#92 'One for the Bunny'
Actor, comedian #96 'The Hollywood Story'
Columnist#97 'The Dog Story'
TV news anchorman#99 'The Odd Candidate'
Singer #101 'The Paul Williams Show'
Playwright#106 'Two on the Aisle'
Sportscaster #107 'Your Mother Wears Army Boots'
Opera singer #107 'Your Mother Wears Army Boots'
ABC executive #107 'Your Mother Wears Army Boots'
Child Actor #109 'The Rent Strike'
Talk show host #110 'Two Men on a Hoarse'
Actor#113 'Laugh, Clown, Laugh'

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