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Forced Order
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Male with the most Challenge appearances without a win. (as of Battle of the Seasons 2)
Last female pick in Fresh Meat
First male pick in Fresh Meat 2
Lost in the final Gauntlet in the Gauntlet 2
On his first Challenge he was sent home first and on the second challenge he was sent home second.
Replaced Adam R on Rivals
Quit the Challenge the Island
Has won the most prize money (as of Battle of the Seasons 2)
His first Challenge win was the Inferno 3
Got his head shaved by Derrick on Inferno 2
Female with the most Challenge appearances without a win (as of Battle of the Season 2)
Punched Beth on the Duel
First person the beat Wes in an elimination round
Challenge host before TJ Lavin
Got punched by CT on the Inferno 3
Won 6 life shields in Inferno 2
Voted into the Inferno 3 times but never went in on Inferno 2
Couldn't finish the final in Gauntlet 3
Went home because of a DQ against Abram in the Inferno 3
Can recite the all 50 states in Alphabetical order in under a minute

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