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Can you name the people places or events involved in the conflict of this region?

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Who led the Israelites out of Egypt ?
Name given to Israel by the Roman empire
The first monotheistic faith founded by the Jewish people
2nd of the monotheistic faiths founded by followers of Jesus
The 3rd monotheistic faith founded by followers of Muhammed
This group ruled over the majority of Southwest Asia and Turkey from 1517 to 1917
Name of the Jewish leader that founded Jerusalem
name of the Jewish leader that built the first temple in Jerusalem
Name of the group of people that have been put in relocation camps in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Golan Heights in Israel
a nation of people without a land to legally occupy
the most abundant natural resource in Southwest Asia
group formed in the 1960s to help regain the land for Palestinian Arabs
Jews' holiest site in Jerusalem
the holiest site in Jerusalem for Muslims
the movement create to gain support a Jewish homeland in Palestine
country directly to the East of Israel
country directly to the North of Israel
country located Northeast of Israel
name for a place of worship for Muslims
type of government of lands controlled by Muslims
the holiest city of Islam
the organization that created Israel through a resolution in 1948
country that controlled Palestine after WWII
war in which Israel took over the Sinai Peninsula, Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Golan Heights
this 1917 document by the British was viewed by Arabs and Jews as promising a national home for the Jews
site of agreement where Jews and Palestinians agreed to mutually recognize each other
Egyptian president, closed the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping causing the '6 day war'
war that was begun when Egypt and Syria surprised Israel on the Jewish day of atonement
Israeli opposition leader that visited the Haram Ash Sharif which caused Palestinian riots
Palestinian authority president that died in 2004

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