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QUIZ: Can you name the James Bond movie by the villain?

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Ernst Stavro BlofeldDonald Pleasence
Dominic Greene/Mr. WhiteMathieu Amaltric/Jesper Christensen
Ernst Stavro BlofeldCharles Gray
Ernst Stavro BlofeldTelly Savalas
Alex Trevelyan/006Sean Bean
Kamal Khan/General OrlovLouis Jourdan/Steven Berkoff
Karl StrombergCurd Jürgens
General Georgi Koskov/Brad WhitakerJeroen Krabbé/Joe Don Baker
Dr. Julius NoJoseph Wiseman
Gustav GravesToby Stephens (Will Yun Lee)
Max ZorinChristopher Walken
Hugo DraxMichael Lonsdale
Rosa Klebb/Ernst Stavro BlofeldLotte Lenya/Anthony Dawson
Dr. Kanaga/Mr. BigYaphet Kotto
Aris Kristatos/Ernst Stavro BlofeldJulian Glover/John Hollis
Le Chiffre/Mr. WhiteMads Mikkelsen/Jesper Christensen
Elektra King/RenardSophie Carceau/Robert Carlyle
Auric GoldfingerGert Fröbe
Francisco ScaramangaChristopher Lee
Emilio Largo/Ernst Stavro BlofeldAdolfo Celi/Anthony Dawson
Franz SanchezRobert Davi
Elliot CarverJonathan Pryce

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