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Can you name the Rooms on Legends of the Hidden Temple?

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TaskRoom Name
Push in the tongue of the correct gargoyle.
Choose the correct button at base of three gongs.
Either climb the walls or crawl through the pit.
If you come through the bottom you must throw stones into a bucket to open the door. Through the top, you must cross a treacherous bridge.
Align the central celestial dial.
Hit the correct button that opens the door and triggers the LUB-DUB soundtrack. BUT BEWARE OF THE TEMPLE GUARDS LURKING BEHIND THE WRONG DOOR..
Push down on the base of the golden idols.
Push through the bulky columns to get to the next door.
Open the treasure chest and climb down inside, otherwise push a button to access one of the side doors.
Place a golden orb on the correct pedestal.
Correctly assemble the three pieces of the monkey statue.
Place the correct torch in the appropriate holder to access the next room.
Spin the ship's wheel to lift the rock slab from the doorway to the next room
Climb the ladder to the room above or crash through the wall into the adjacent room.
Climb the ladder to the room above or crash through the wall into the adjacent room.
Ride inside the bucket to the room above or crash through the wall into the adjacent room.
Take the key found in the coffin.
Wade your way through the water and nets. BUT BEWARE OF THE TEMPLE GUARDS.
Navigate your way through the spider web.
Navigate your way through tall bamboo rods.
TaskRoom Name
Crawl through the holes in the wooden partitions.
Sit on the correct throne.
Correctly press 2 out of the 5 red markings on the ground.
Navigate the various ledges to exit the room.
Pull the book of the correct skeleton. BUT BEWARE OF THE TEMPLE GUARDS.
Place the snakes into Medusa's head.
Break open the pots to find the key to the next room.
Pull the snake that does not pop out of the pot.
Connect 4 power cords to the central lightning ball to generate lightning.
Reach inside the trees to find the key to the next door. BUT BEWARE OF THE TEMPLE GUARD SPIRITS THAT POSSESS THE TREES.
Correctly align yourself with the position of the correct jester.
Pull the tiles out of the wall until the red light shines through.
Swing across the room with a rope or wade through the foam blocks. BUT BEWARE OF THE TEMPLE GUARDS LURKING BELOW.
Based on the pattern, place the correct tiles into the wall.
Place yourself in the correct suit of armor. BUT BEWARE OF THE THE TEMPLE GUARDS THAT HAUNT THE SUITS.
Yell the correct password out of 'Klaatu Barada Nikto,' 'Open Sesame,' or 'Long Live Olmec!'
Slide through the narrow tunnel.
Wade through the quicksand.
Pull the vines to release the pile of bones. Find the skull and place it on the correct king's skeleton.
Push down the giant fingers around the globe.

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