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defensive alliance of eight Lutheran princes and eleven imperail cities against Charles V after the Diet of Augsburg
Christian humanist, emphasized inner piety and de-emphasized the external forms of religion, criticized corrupt practices of the church, eventually disapproved Luther and the Prote
Wrote Utopia, killed for criticizing King Henry VIII
church officeholders ignoring duties and hiring underlings that were not qualified
Thomas a Kempis's religious work
Believed in doctrine of salvation or justification by grace through faith alone, wrote 95 Theses
War where Luther did supported the German princes instead of the peasants
Catholic doctrine that taught that the substance of the bread and wine consumed in the rite is miraculously transformed into the body and blood of Jesus
Holy Roman Emperor that wanted to maintain his dynasty's control over his empire and preserve the unity of the Catholic faith, but failed
Charles's inadequate attempt to settle the Lutheran problem demanding all Lutherans to return to the Catholic Church
End to religious warfare in Germany in 1555. Division of Christianity formally acknowledged, with Lutheranism granted equal legal standing with Catholicism
king of independent Sweden that took the lead in establishing a Lutheran Reformation in his country
Battle where Charles V decisively defeated the Lutherans
leader of the Ottoman Turks during Charles V's rule
began Reformation in Switzerland
Where Luther and Zwingli argued about the concept of transubstantiation
Descendants of Anabaptists present today
radical reformers that believed that true Christian church was a voluntary association and advocated adult baptism and complete separation of church and state
high church officials taking over more than one church office to increase their revenues
English Reformation was started by ____
Break of the Church of England with Rome
Edward VI's mother
Mary's mother
Protestant prayer book during Edward VI's rule
influenced by Luther's ideas. believed in predestination
In Calvinism, the saved are called ___ and the damned are called ____.
Movement countering spread of Protestantism
Chief instrument of Catholic Reformation. founded by Ignatius of Loyola
list of books Catholics were not allowed to read made by Pope Paul IV
Reaffirmed traditional Catholic teachings in opposition to Protestant beliefs
French Calvinists
the movement Melchiorites adhered to regarding the end of the world
Movement that believed that education in sources of classical, and especially Christian, antiquity, could instill true inner piety that would bring about a reform of the church and
Who claimed the throne at the end of the French Wars of Religion?
edict that acknowledged Catholicism as the official religion of France but let the Huguenots the right to worship in selected places
Spanish king whose goals were to consolidate and secure his inherited lands and have strict conformity to Catholicism
What caused the inflation that disrupted the Spanish economy?
Who led the revolts in the Netherlands?
massacre initiated by Charles IX who was influenced by the Guise family
English ruler whose religious policy was based on moderation and compromise
The Spanish fleet that was heavily defeated by the English
Two sacraments Luther kept

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