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Forced Order
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'It feels like I’m runnin’ on walls and I don’t wanna touch the ground, And if they say that I’m lost then I don’t wanna be found'
'I'm a beast uncaged, leave me untamed. Then you rapping about gun gangs is getting mundane. Get out your one lane and hit the runway'
'This my stop let me get off, tell them other boys they can get lost'
'Plan to lash at all the haters with my physical whip. My lyrics flow like, how much more can lyrical get? When all I try to do is put they soul on spiritual lisp'
'Are all nerds as good as you? Yes. Nerds do everything they do, the best.'
'She say I’m cute, she say I’m cool To all of her friends, I make my move I’m feeling like I’m that dude, don’t gotta spit game I’m already that smooth'
'Now I ask for dutches they give me double like jumping rope, never been a virgin cause I was always f*****g dope'
'Lookin’ like a star, it’s who I wanna be. How can I complain, my life kinda sweet. This place that I go, I never wanna leave...'
'Dre headphones on, Vizzy get his zone on. My flow is like Allstate, go and get your quote on'
'Time is tickin I feel different. While I was wishing I was seven.'
'Its like seven minutes in heaven and I just want one more session, so i tie you up like the devilish desk man, then i eat you up like a delicatessen'
'Here we go everyone's a rapper like hear my flow, when you wanna get a spin on a merry-go'
'I was a kid like Michael Jackson when I started to be bad, but cleaned it up in 2000 like lever'
'You want me to go down and I say I might she like the fact I'm bright like neon light cause she know I been around since crayon light'
'Mom tries tellin’ me keep your praise on, and you’ll get love in the end like my first name was Faizon, I don’t wanna grow old writing rhymes in crayon...'
'What’s your girl’s name? I just pray you say it’s awesome. Cause before the night is over, you’ll say that I’m f*****g awesome'
'Jump on the board when you bored, theres a couple of galaxys that never been explored'
'If I knew how to make this green turn to blue or how to make this scene turn into the dreams that I see when I think of a view of a room with a great radient hue'
'I tell you what my name is, but that don't really matter. All that really matters is that I'm one da best rappers and if you enjoy my chatter then listen to the song...'
'That play that you never saw, that ball that I never caught, all those years that we both have lost, man I hope you enjoyed it all'
'This for the masses, who cut classes, not to sit on they a***s, but do our homework so we pass it. Kids go to school through more seasons then M*A*S*H did'
'Used to step out fresh to the party world wasn't into her but she was such a Barbie girl and all she wanna do is go out I wanna stay in and she gonna show out'
'I rented a new game today wanted to see if you wanted to come over and play normally don't be around my way, but if you havin day you know where I stay'
'Now tell me what got two thumbs and knows how to spit rhymes? Two thumbs up, you gon point ‘em at this guy'
'Even Christ isn’t passsionate as I am fell to the air, Fresh Prince Will-I-Am'
'They told me never ever ever give up on your dream, I tell 'em never ever ever will I do such a thing. I have high expectations, so the sky's where I'm facin'
'So I holla when I can, I hope you understand when I can’t re-tweet every tweet, reply to every demand, my clone hasn’t got here, I’ll tell you when it lands'
'Cause n****s drop off and knock off they probably would never pop off and though I know I’m plush they won't let me get the shot off'
'And I never said Dad, NO, never said those words. Never felt the urge, never felt he deserved, never been scuurred so I never been scared. I only speak truth so I never said dare'
'They just feel my presence and say that’s that n***a X... Yes. And please do not confuse it I got A.D.D so I’m the meaning of a movement'
'Seat up with my feet up in my neegas an' a bunch of stogies. Light ‘em up in the gamer chamber they call it my lair. B*****s in they bikini bottoms cause I is such a square...'
'Betting on X is like seeing the whole card deck before buying in. So get ya money up, the new cat that be running rap was like a runner up. Guess directions f****d him up'
'This is pound sign Vizzy Zone, please tell my city I’m give and go, so you can probably expect mini clones, XXL didn’t expect XV to excel, so before I enrolled, I was expelled
'For those of you that stuck out like sweatpants and boners, I'd like to present you with your Fly Boy diploma'
'40 Days 40 Nights that's all I need, a Grammy in my life that's all I dream, laptop and a mic thats all I bring'

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