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Can you name the NHL players with 25 points or better in 2015-16?

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Team, PositionPlayerPoints
CHI RW46-60-106
DAL LW41-48-89
PIT C36-49-85
SJS C19-63-82
OTT D16-66-82
SJS C/RW38-40-78
CGY LW30-48-78
WPG RW26-52-78
CHI LW30-47-77
WSH C20-57-77
SJS D27-48-75
STL RW40-34-74
LAK C25-49-74
DAL C33-40-73
WSH LW50-21-71
NYI C33-37-70
WSH C20-50-70
BOS C32-36-68
PHI C22-45-67
PIT D16-51-67
TBL RW30-36-66
FLA RW27-39-66
EDM LW26-39-65
TBL C36-28-64
NSH LW33-31-64
MTL LW30-34-64
NYI RW22-42-64
DAL C33-30-63
BOS RW30-33-63
CGY C27-36-63
BOS C17-46-63
ANA C13-50-63
ANA RW34-28-62
LAK C24-38-62
BOS LW37-24-61
WPG C29-32-61
VAN LW28-33-61
NYR RW26-35-61
OTT RW23-38-61
NSH D14-47-61
PHI RW32-28-60
BUF C21-39-60
FLA LW18-42-60
CBJ,NSH C14-46-60
COL C30-29-59
OTT LW29-30-59
FLA C28-31-59
PIT RW26-33-59
PHI C/LW26-33-59
FLA LW20-39-59
NSH RW31-27-58
LAK RW31-27-58
CHI C28-30-58
NYR C27-31-58
PIT C27-31-58
DAL D10-48-58
NJD RW30-27-57
MTL C/LW30-26-56
BUF C24-32-56
OTT RW22-34-56
CGY D21-35-56
MIN C17-39-56
ARI D21-34-55
LAK LW20-35-55
DAL LW20-35-55
VAN C11-44-55
PHI RW11-44-55
MTL C14-40-54
CBJ LW/RW31-22-53
CBJ RW27-26-53
FLA RW25-28-53
MIN LW25-28-53
NYR C22-31-53
Team, PositionPlayerPoints
ANA C21-32-53
COL LW20-33-53
WPG D19-34-53
WSH RW22-30-52
COL C21-31-52
NYI C20-32-52
ARI LW18-34-52
STL LW17-35-52
CAR LW28-23-51
WSH RW26-25-51
PIT RW22-29-51
OTT C21-30-51
NSH D20-31-51
NJD, BOS RW19-32-51
EDM C19-32-51
ARI, COL LW17-34-51
LAK D14-37-51
COL C12-39-51
MIN D8-43-51
MTL D6-45-51
NJD C30-20-50
FLA RW25-25-50
DET C/LW13-37-50
NSH C7-43-50
CBJ C30-19-49
CBJ LW23-26-49
DET C16-33-49
CHI D14-35-49
BOS C13-36-49
COL D13-36-49
STL C10-39-49
SJS LW25-23-48
CAR C21-27-48
CAR C20-28-48
CBJ C17-31-48
EDM C16-32-48
ARI RW28-19-47
EDM RW25-22-47
COL RW22-25-47
CGY C21-26-47
TBL D10-37-47
NYR D5-42-47
WPG, CHI LW25-21-46
SJS C/LW21-25-46
WSH C/LW17-29-46
PHI D17-29-46
CGY, FLA RW16-30-46
DET LW23-22-45
DET LW21-24-45
STL C21-24-45
TOR C17-28-45
CGY D6-39-45
ARI LW20-24-44
CGY C19-25-44
STL D14-30-44
MIN C13-31-44
MTL D5-39-44
BOS D4-40-44
NYR C22-21-43
SJS RW21-22-43
NYR LW21-22-43
MIN RW20-23-43
ANA C/LW20-23-43
OTT C19-24-43
DET RW17-26-43
EDM, FLA RW14-29-43
CGY D12-31-43
CHI D9-34-43
BUF C/RW23-19-42
MIN C/LW/RW21-21-42
CHI C20-22-42
DET LW19-23-42
WPG C17-25-42
Team, PositionPlayerPoints
NJD C14-28-42
TOR RW20-21-41
MIN LW18-23-41
ARI C13-28-41
BUF D9-32-41
WPG C/LW9-32-41
NYI LW26-14-40
WSH LW20-20-40
MTL RW19-21-40
PIT LW17-23-40
VAN C16-24-40
TBL LW16-24-40
TBL LW14-26-40
LAK D8-32-40
CBJ C8-32-40
NYI D5-35-40
BUF, ANA LW22-17-39
ANA RW20-19-39
STL RW18-21-39
ANA, PIT LW14-25-39
CAR, NYR C/LW13-26-39
DAL RW13-26-39
CAR C/RW11-28-39
PHI C11-28-39
SJS D8-31-39
WSH D8-31-39
VAN RW22-16-38
WPG RW21-17-38
WSH LW17-21-38
ARI C17-21-38
CAR, LAK RW15-23-38
WPG RW15-23-38
TBL C14-24-38
NJD LW14-24-38
ANA D9-29-38
NSH RW21-16-37
STL LW18-19-37
CAR D16-21-37
BOS LW15-22-37
ARI RW14-23-37
CBJ LW12-25-37
BOS D9-28-37
STL D7-30-37
DAL D5-32-37
OTT LW25-11-36
TOR LW/RW19-17-36
CGY C18-18-36
NYI LW15-21-36
LAK LW15-21-36
FLA D15-21-36
NYR LW15-21-36
SJS C15-21-36
NYR RW14-22-36
EDM LW14-22-36
COL LW12-24-36
PIT, ANA LW12-24-36
SJS RW11-25-36
MIN RW11-25-36
TOR D9-27-36
ARI D6-30-36
BUF LW20-15-35
DAL C16-19-35
TBL C/RW14-21-35
CHI C/LW13-22-35
TOR C12-23-35
NSH D8-27-35
COL, ARI LW8-27-35
DET D7-28-35
FLA C15-19-34
CHI C/LW/RW14-20-34
MIN LW14-20-34
EDM C12-22-34
STL C9-25-34
Team, PositionPlayerPoints
TBL D9-25-34
NYR D9-25-34
COL D8-26-34
CHI RW13-20-33
BUF RW12-21-33
STL D9-24-33
PIT C16-16-32
CGY RW15-17-32
NYI RW12-20-32
NSH D10-22-32
ANA LW9-23-32
WSH D5-27-32
TOR, OTT D4-28-32
PHI LW13-18-31
ARI RW11-20-31
LAK D10-21-31
TBL C8-23-31
TOR D7-24-31
FLA D6-25-31
NSH, CBJ D3-28-31
NSH C/LW16-14-30
OTT C13-17-30
NYR RW10-20-30
EDM D6-24-30
DAL C15-14-29
FLA, ANA C/LW14-15-29
TOR LW14-15-29
DAL LW13-16-29
BOS RW13-16-29
MIN D11-18-29
MTL C11-18-29
DAL RW9-20-29
PIT C9-20-29
WSH D8-21-29
NYI C8-21-29
VAN LW15-13-28
NYR C/LW/RW13-15-28
TOR, COL C12-16-28
LAK RW11-17-28
ANA D10-18-28
TBL RW10-18-28
DET C10-18-28
NYI RW8-20-28
CHI, PIT D6-22-28
ANA D5-23-28
MTL, CHI RW14-13-27
VAN RW13-14-27
ANA, EDM LW12-15-27
COL D11-16-27
WPG D9-18-27
TOR C9-18-27
COL C6-21-27
BOS RW15-11-26
MTL C13-13-26
DET C13-13-26
PHI RW11-15-26
MIN D10-16-26
OTT D10-16-26
NYR D9-17-26
DET D3-23-26
DET C14-11-25
MTL, CHI LW14-11-25
MTL, NJD RW14-11-25
EDM C10-15-25
BOS RW9-16-25
NYI D9-16-25
NYI C9-16-25
CBJ D4-21-25
CBJ D4-21-25
VAN D1-24-25

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