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QUIZ: Name the pokemon whose names have actual definitions.

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DefinitionAnswerGen. Type
To breathe with difficulty Gen 1 Poison
Related to or referring to equine animalsGen 1 Water
Filth, dirt, or slime.Gen 1 Poison
Grouchy; ill-natured; irritableGen 1 Water
To expel air from the lungs suddenly with a harsh noiseGen 1 Poison
Lethargy or sleepinessGen 1 Psychic
Uncertain, hazardous, or risky.Gen 1 Normal
Shockingly frightful or dreadfulGen 1 Ghost/Poison
To press one's lips against another being you -Gen 2 Ice/Psychic
Not discovered, explored, identifiedGen 2 Psychic
A person or thing that whoopsGen 2 Water/Ground
DefinitionAnswerGen. Type
Inactive or lazyGen 3 Normal
To swallow eagerlyGen 3 Poison
A figurine that is made of earthGen 3 Ground/Psychic
To free one from guilt or blameGen 3 Dark
Question another's refusal Gen 3 Psychic
Large detached rockGen 5 Rock
Wood, often intended as building materialGen 5 Fighting
To toss somethingGen 5 Fighting
Soft, resembling white downy fibersGen 5 Grass/Fairy
Lean or thin; scrawny.Gen 5 Dark/Fighting
Mushrooms, molds, mildews, etc.Gen 5 Grass/Poison
DefinitionAnswerGen. Type
Unagitated; serene; placid:Gen 5 Normal/Flying
Sound of metal collidingGen 5 Steel
Phonetic sounding of L.G.M (Little green men)Gen 5 Psychic
A small, slender dagger.Gen 5 Dark/Steel
A large beam for supporting weight in constructionGen 5 Fighting
A hard blow; a tubular wrapping of fabric around the footGen 5 Fighting
Resembling inkGen 6 Dark/Psychic
To sharpen the side of a toolGen 6 Steel/Ghost
The feathers on an arrowGen 6 Normal/Flying

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