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Can you name the Z-words ending A to Z from hints and word lengths?

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HintZ-WordWord Length-Ends with
An African animal with black and white stripes covering body5-A
An agricultural fungicide5-B
A bluish white lustrous metallic element4-C
An animal arising from another by budding or division5-D
A silicate mineral with gem varieties like Tanzanite7-E
A holder usually ornamental for a hot coffee cup4-F
A line that has a series of short, sharp turns or angles6-G
The strongest and most successful period of time6-H
A smooth cylindrical usually dark green summer squash8-I
Having an interlocking groove and ridge forming a tight seal when pressed together7-K
Full of energy and enthusiasm7-L
HintZ-WordWord Length-Ends with
To make a continuous low pitched buzzing or humming sound4-M
A large, dirigble airship without wings filled with gas8-N
A blues influenced type of Cajun dance popular in southern Louisiana6-O
To strike an object with a beam of energy or electric current3-P
A gentle breeze from the west or soft light fabrics6-R
Pimples or skin blemishes4-S
A person with strong feelings about something like religion, politics6-T
Domesticated ox with a large hump over shoulders4-U
A tool for trimming or puncturing roofing slates3-X
A branch of science that involves study of animals7-Y
An ancient Hebrew silver coin3-Z

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