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Can you name the WWII Military or Political Leaders?

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HintLast Name or TitleStarts with
Prime Minister of Romania 1940-44; executed for war crimesA
General commanded US forces in Normandy landingB
Prime Minister of Great Britain during most of WWIIC
Leader of Free French movement and later President of FranceD
Supreme Allied Commander and later President of the USE
Prime Minister of New Zealand 1940-49F
King of Great Britain during WWIIG
Nazi dictator of Germany, planned and started WWIIH
US Commander in Chief Atlantic Fleet 1942-44I
Nazi Army General condemned to death in Nuremberg and hangedJ
German Luftwaffe General and last Commander in Chief WestK
King of Belgium imprisoned after German blitzkrieg in May 1940L
HintLast Name or TitleStarts with
British Admiral and Supreme Commander Allied forces SE Asia 1943-45M
Supreme Commander Allied Forces Pacific Ocean Area 1942-45N
Crown Prince led Norwegian forces in exile from 1944O
Army Marshal and Chief of State of Vichy France 1940-44P
Reelected President of Philippines in November 1941, one month before Japanese invasionQ
Commander of German Afrika Korps aka as 'The Desert Fox'R
Brutal Communist dictator of Russia 1928-53S
General and Prime Minister of Japan 1941-44T
Field Marshal in German army dismissed by Hitler in March 1945V
Queen of Netherlands fled to London after Nazi invasion despite neutralityW
Commander in Chief of Imperial Japanese Navy 1939-43. American code breakers shot his plane down!Y
Field Marshal liberated Soviet Union from Nazis and overran eastern EuropeZ

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