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Can you name the Words Starting from Z to A and Ending from A-Z from hints and word lengths?

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HintWordStarts with-Word Length-Ends with
Sixth letter of the Greek alphabetZ-4-A
Rude, noisy agressive adolescentY-3-B
Three masted Mediterranean sailing shipX-5-C
Skilled in any field or practices sorceryW-6-D
A small overnight bag for short tripsV-6-E
Part of a personality that remains hiddenU-9-F
Action of teaching a person or animal a particular skillT-8-G
Informs on someoneS-6-H
Pasta in the form of short, hollow fluted cubesR-8-I
A practical joke or mischievous actP-5-K
Something serving as a model or basis for imitation or copiesO-8-L
Favoritism based on kinshipN-8-M
HintWordStarts with-Word Length-Ends with
A special assignment given to a person or groupM-7-N
An uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolutionL-5-O
Crime of unlawfully seizing or detaining person against their willK-6-P
Person who commits capital with expectation of financial returnI-8-R
Ancient Greek god of the sunH-6-S
Form of arthritis caused by excess uric acid in the blood streamG-4-T
Ballet movement in which dancer lowers body by bending the legsF-5-U
Deny any responsibility or support forD-7-W
Culminate in an exciting or impressive eventC-6-X
The ability or tendency to float in water or air or some other fluidB-8-Y
Filled with a continuous humming soundA-5-Z

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