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HintAnswerStarts with-Word Length
First letter of the aplhabetA-1
To exist or Beryllium symbolB-2
A form of head gearC-3
Extinct flightless birdD-4
Expel from a countryE-5
Liable to sudden unpredictable changeF-6
A circular flower arrangementG-7
A state of mental agitation or emotional outbreaksH-8
Treating all rivals, disputants equally or fairly I-9
Put someone or something in a dangerous situationJ-10
An irresistible urge to stealK-11
The writing, editing or compiling dictionariesL-12
Mainly concerned with physical comforts ot acquisition of wealthM-13
HintAnswerStarts with-Word Length
One who studies development and disorders of new born childrenN-13
Counseling and assistance in finding a new jobO-12
Abnormally rapid or violent beating of the heartP-11
A rectangular space or courtyard enclosed by buildingsQ-10
A person who engages in dishonest and fraudulent business dealingsR-9
Relative proportion of salt in a solutionS-8
Line following lowest points of a valleyT-7
An imaaginary place supposed to be ideal or perfectU-6
Toxin secreted by animalsV-5
A low dam or wattle built across a streamW-4
Fourteenth letter of the Greek alphabet pluralX-3
English slang interjection to get attentionY-2
Last letter of the alphabetZ-1

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