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HintAnswerStarts with-Word Length
A notice in a public medium promoting product, service, event or job vacancyA-13
A style of swimmingB-12
A mathematical process to to find a number, answerC-11
A lack or shortage of somethingD-10
A burrowing annelis that lives in the soilE-9
Capable of making mistakes or being erroneousF-8
A room or building for the display or sale of art worksG-7
Sodium chloride as a mineral typically colorless cubic crystalsH-6
Dome shaped Eskimo house built of ice blocksI-5
A person or thing that brings bad luckJ-4
One's family and relationsK-3
The sixth note of a major scaleL-2
Head of Secret Intelligence Service in James Bond seriesM-1
HintAnswerStarts with-Word Length
Chemical symbol for NitrogenN-1
A domesticated bovine animalO-2
An elongated seed vessel of a plantP-3
Structure built along waterway for landing, loadingQ-4
Relating to the kidneysR-5
Aka as a private investigator or detectiveS-6
Uncontrolled outburst of anger and frustrationT-7
Having excessive or submissive fondness for one's wifeU-8
Attractively lively and animatedV-9
A strong desire to travelW-10
A yellow or brown plant pigment that causes fall color of leavesX-11
A bird of the bunting family originally native to EurasiaY-12
An instance or process of turning into a zombieZ-13

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