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Can you name the O-Words ending A to Z from hints and word lengths?

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HintO-WordWord Length-Ends with
Edible green plant of mallow family aka ladies' fingers4-A
Spherical body or globe3-B
Relating to eye or vision5-C
Area of land planted with fruit trees7-D
Stare in a lecherous manner4-E
Stupid, uncultured or clumsy person3-F
Having an elongated or oval shape6-G
A solemn declaration or promise to speak the truth4-H
Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes7-I
A stone pillar with square or recatangular cross-section tapering up7-K
A hydrated silica gemstone with iridescent play of colors4-L
American marsupial with rat like prehensile tail7-M
HintO-WordWord Length-Ends with
Colorless, odorless gas that forms 20% of earth's atmosphere6-N
Aromatic plant with leaves used fresh or dried as a culinary herb7-O
A rock formation that is visible on the surface7-P
Pole with flat blade used to row3-R
Fertile area in a desert where water is found5-S
Supernatural, mystical or magical beliefs or practices6-T
An alloy of copper and zinc used to imitate gold6-U
A person who has broken the law and remains at large6-W
Conforming to established doctrine especially in religion8-X
The condition of being grossly fat or overweight7-Y
Call given by court officer, repeated to command silence, attention4-Z

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