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Can you name the missing words in these facts related to hurricanes for each letter of the alphabet?

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Hurricane ______ is the most destructive hurricane to hit the US state of Florida, doing so in 1992A
A _______ is an instrument that measures atmospheric pressureB
The _____ Effect causes cyclones in the northern hemisphere to rotate counter-clockwiseC
A ______ is a region of low atmospheric pressure with low clouds and rainD
The relatively calm center of a hurricane is called the ____E
The ____ Effect is the tendency of two nearby tropical systems to rotate cyclonically about each otherF
The deadliest US hurricane killed over 6000 in _____, Texas in 1900G
Hurricane ______ stalled after landfall causing major flooding in the Houston area in August 2017 H
Hurricanes far from shore are monitored using visible and ______ images captured by weather satellitesI
___ streams are strong, high altitude, westerly winds that can cause hurricanes to shift their track poleward or eastwardJ
80% of New Orleans was flooded as a result of levee breaches during Hurricane _____ in 2005K
The intersection of the surface center of a tropical cyclone with coastline is called a ______L
HintMissing WordLetter
________ is the science dealing with the atmosphere and its phenomenaM
One of the three branches of the Tropical Prediction Center is the ______ Hurricane CenterN
North Atlantic ________ refers to fluctuation in the difference between the pressure systems over Iceland and the Azores, which influences the direction of Atlantic hurricanesO
Flooding accompanying hurricanes is related to the amount of _________P
The right front or northeast _______ is the most destructive in northern hemisphere hurricanesQ
A post-tropical cyclone that no longer has convective organization is a _______ lowR
An abnormal rise in sea level accompanying a hurricane is a ______ ______S
Tropical cyclones in the western Pacific are called _______T
A ______ is a whirling mass of air in the form of a column or spiralV
A Hurricane _______ is issued 36 hours in advance of the stormW
Tropical Storm _____ was the last of 27 Atlantic storms of the 2005 seasonZ

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