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Can you name the missing word in the hint about the Los Angeles Area?

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This popular amusement park ________in Anaheim opened in 1955.
The 45-foot tall ________ sign on Mount Lee overlooks Los Angeles.
NASA's Space Shuttle ________ was moved to the California Science Center in 2012.
Los Angeles is home to two National Basketball Association teams, the Lakers and the _____.
The Academy Awards aka the ______ honoring cinematic achievements are presented in the city since 1929.
The ___ ______ Fault, a major tectonic plate boundary is about 35 miles east of Los Angeles.
The city population about 4 million makes Los Angeles ______ largest in the US.
California became the 31st State of the Union, two years after the 1848 treaty ending the ______-______ war.
This large private University of ______ _______nickamed the Trojans opened in 1880.
Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy was assassinated at the _________ Hotel in 1968.
The major ________ earthquake of 1994 measured 6.8 on the Richter scale.
_______ Park one of the largest in the USA is also home to the observatroy, planeterium and zoo.
New Years Day in Pasadena usually starts with the _____ Parade followed by the College Football Bowl game.
Another popular theme park is the _______ ______, which started in 1962 as a tour of movie sets.
The University of California Los Angeles men's basketball team won 10 national titles in 12 years under legendary coach John _____.
Main events of the 1932, 1984 Summer Olympics were held at the Los Angeles _______ _______ stadium

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