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Can you name the missing words (A-Z) related to Geologic Features?

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HintGeologic FeatureStarts with
Bikini ______, Pacific OceanA
East and West Mitten ______, Monument Valley,ArizonaB
Meteor ______, ArizonaC
Mississippi River bird-foot ______D
Florida ________, Gulf of MexicoE
San Andreas Transform ______, CaliforniaF
Mendenhall _______, AlaskaG
Bryce Canyon _______ or rock pillars, UtahH
Aleutian ______ arc, Bering SeaI
Generally a vertical fracture in rocks is a ______J
____ landscape forms from action of water and soluble rocksK
HintGeologic FeatureStarts with
A ridge of sediment deposited alongside a river is called a ______L
Himalayan _______ Range tallest in the worldM
A laterally thrust-faulted sheet of rock is a _______N
An abandoned river meander results in an _____ lakeO
Cliffs of ________ Interstate Park, New JerseyP
Apparent solid ground liquified by water results in _______Q
Mid-Atlantic _____ is a divergent tectonic plate boundaryR
Conical calcium carbonate deposits hangin from cave roofs are ________S
Glaciers usually carve a ________ valleyU
Mount Vesuvius _____ is best known for destruction of Pompeii, ItalyV
A ravine dry except in the rainy season is a ____W

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