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Can you name the Missing Word in the hints about Earthquakes?

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HintMissing WordStarts with-Word length
The largest recorded earthquake (9.2) in the US was in the state of ______ in 1964A-6
A dipping planar zone of a downgoing oceanic plate is the _____ zoneB-7
The highest magnitude earthquake (9.5) in the world was in _____, South America in 1960C-5
________ is the amount any point has moved after the earthquakeD-11
_______ is the point on the earths surface above the ruptureE-9
Earthquakes are mostly caused by movement along geological _____F-6
Aristotle was first to note that soft _____ shakes more than hard _____G-6
The initial point of rupture in an earthquake is called the focus or _______H-10
An undersea earthquake in the _____ Ocean in 2004 killed 225.000 people in 11 countriesI-6
_______ refers to general movement patterns and directions of rock deformationK-9
Earthquakes can also trigger mass movement of material downslope called ______ L-10
HintMissing WordStarts with-Word length
Gravitational pulls of the _____ and sun can cause earthquakesM-4
The rock mass above an inclined plane moves downward in a _____ faultN-6
An ______ trench is a linear depression caused by subduction of one plate under the otherO-7
Almost 80% of all earthquakes occur along the ______ 'Ring of Fire'P-7
Our earth's crust has twenty constantly moving tectonic _______P-6
A numeric scale for expressing the magnitude of an earthquake was devised by _______ in 1935R-7
An English scientist Milne invented the _____ in 1880 to record earthquakesS-11
Scientists believe animals sense weak ______ before an earthquakeT-7
An earthquake under the ocean can cause a ______ which travels in all directionsT-7
Earthquakes can also set off _______V-9
A ______ is the instantaneous boundary of a seismic wave in earths materialW-9

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