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Can you name the words to fill the blanks about New Orleans?

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New Orleans is the last major city on the banks of the _________ River
Bought by the US in 1803 as part of the _______Purchase
Aka as Vieux Carre the _____ Quarter is the oldest neighborhood in the city
Forty years before Katrina another Hurricane _____ devastated New Orleans
_____ are 4-sided fried dough with powdered sugar topping
New Orleans Saints won their first Super Bowl trophy in February ____
____ Gras celebrations include parades and parties prior to Lent
__ _____ Cathedral which opened in 1794 is among the oldest in the US
The longest continuous bridge in the world over water spans Lake ______
The golden/bronze statue of ____ of Arc is another impressive landmark
The St _____Avenue Streetcar line has been operating since 1835
The _____ Brief was one of the crime thriller movies shot in New Orleans.
Louisiana is the only US state that uses ______ code in its state laws
The 1812 Battle of New Orleans made _____ _____a national hero and later President of the US
The New Orleans ____-____ sandwich dates back to the Great Depression
The local zoo is named after famous naturalist______who spent much of his life in Louisiana.

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