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Can you name the missing words in the hints about Christmas and Christians?

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Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ in the town of _______.
The birth took place in a _____ surrounded by farm animals.
Three kings or wise men from the east visited infant Jesus and brought gifts of gold, _______ and myrrh.
Emperor Caesar _______ ordered a census of the entire Roman Empire at the time of Jesus birth.
Pope Julius I, in 350 AD proclaimed _______ as the official annual celebration date for the birth of Christ.
The idea of Santa Claus originated with the fourth century Saint ______, who gave away gifts in secret.
One of the best known Christmas carols written in 1818 in Austria is 'Stille Nachte' translated to '____ Night.'
British author _____ _____ wrote wrote 'A Christmas Carol' in 1834.
Christmas became a federal holiday in the US only in the late ______ century.
The best selling Christmas song of all time is _____ ____ rendition of White Christmas.
The highest grossing Christmas movie of all time is 'How the _____ stole Christmas.'
2000 years after Jesus Christ's birth there are over ____ billion Christians in the world today.
The continent with the highest population of Christians is __________.
The country with the largest Christian population is _________.
The largest Christian denomination in the world is _________.
This world leader and 266th successor of St. Peter is _____ _____.

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