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Can you name the Minerals A to Z from hint?

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DescriptionMineral NameA - Z
Blue copper carbonateA
Heavy Barium Mineral used in drilling mudsB
Carbonate mineral main component of limestoneC
Elemental carbon and hardest substance in natureD
Gem variety of BerylE
Cubic halide used in iron smeltingF
Calcium sulphate makes plaster of ParisG
Better known as rock saltH
Titanium-iron oxideI
Colorful variety of chalcedonyJ
Common clay mineral used in ceramicsK
Violet mica mineralL
Iron oxide and natural magnetM
DescriptionMineral NameA - Z
Aluminium silicate and common Zeolite mineralN
Gem variety of hydrated silicon dioxideO
Iron sulphide aka 'Fools Gold'P
Silicon dioxide and most common mineral on earthQ
Arsenic sulphideR
Iron carbonate mineralS
Violet-blue gem variety of Zoisite (Ca silicate)T
Uranium oxide highly radioactiveU
Magnesium iron hydroxide of clay groupV
Zinc iron sulphideW
Yttrium phosphateX
Rare exotic ino-silicate mineral discovered in RussiaY
Zirconum silicate!Z

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