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Can you name the Gemstones A to Z from hint?

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HintGemstoneStarts with (Hardness)
Light blue to greenish gemstone from Beryl familyA (7.5-8)
Crypyocrystalline silica Chalcedony with red inclusionsB (7)
Gold or lemon variety of QuartzC (7)
A carbon mineral and favorite gemstone D (10)
Greenish variety of BerylE (7.5-8)
Can appear in rainbow of colors with deep purple most popularF (4)
Usually a reddish silicate can also be used as an abrasiveG (6-7.5)
Shiny opaque red iron mineralH (5.5-6.5)
Blue silicate mineral found in igneous rocksI (7.5)
Found in range of colors usually greenJ (6)
Light purple variety of SpodumeneK (6.5-7)
Deep azure blue to bluish green and translucentL (5.5-6)
HintGemstoneStarts with (Hardness)
Metallic color and used in more inexpensive jewelryM (6-6.5)
Light greensilicate of Amphibole group, aka 'kidney stone'N (5.5-6.5)
Chalcedony with bands of different color, usually black and white and used in beadsO (7)
Lustrous smooth organic calcium carbonate gemstoneP (3.5-4)
Siicon dioxide composition and most common mineral in the earth's crustQ (7)
Red variety of Corundum composed of Aluminium oxideR (9)
Wedge shaped crystals aka Titanite and dominantly greenS (5-5.5)
Zoisite mineral from East Africa T (6.5)
Varying shades of green, first discovered in SE USAU (6-7)
Bright green to olive green variety of AndalusiteV (7-7.5)
Lead molybdate mineral in range of colors-orange, red to colorlessW (6.5-7)
Brilliant stone with high refractive index and double refractionZ (7.5)

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