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Purple variety of QuartzA
Dark fine-grained volcanic rockB
Basin shaped volcanic depressionC
Triangular deposit of sediments at river mouthD
Point on earth's surface above earthquake focusE
Fracture with relative displacementF
Mass of ice moving through valleyG
Colorless cubic mineral in evaporitesH
Play of colors from mineral surfaceI
Middle part of Mesozoic EraJ
Common clay mineral-hydrous Al silicateK
Loosely compacted wind blown sedimentL
Layer of the earth between crust and coreM
Mass of rock thrust a considerable distanceN
Feldspar mineral common in GraniteO
Map or cross-section restored to original positionP
Most recent period of Cenozoic EraQ
Red gem variety of CorundumR
Fine-grained laminated sedimentary rockS
Limestone deposited by springsT
Surface of erosion separating younger strata from older rocksU
Cavity in a rock with mineral liningV
Last glacial stage of Pleistocene of North AmericaW
Foreign rock inclusion in igneous rockX
Interglacial stage in Pleistocene of North AmericaY
Hydrous Aluminium silicate mineralsZ

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