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QUIZ: Can you name the missing word in this Financial Crisis Glossary?

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GlossaryMissing WordStarts with
_________-rate mortgage (ARM)A
________ of Governors of the Federal Reserve SystemB
__________ debt obligation (CDO)C
________ rateD
_______ reservesE
________ Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)F
_________-sponsored enterprise (GSE)G
_______ Mortgage Disclosure Act HMDA)H
_________ grade securityI
_______ loanJ
GlossaryMissing WordStarts with
_____-sharing arrangementL
______ backed security (MBS)M
_______ amortizationN
______ of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)O
_______ Dealer Credit Facility (FDCF)P
________ easingQ
_______ agreement (repo)R
_______ and Exchange Commission (SEC)S
_______ Asset Relief Program (TARP)T
________ loanU

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