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Country, Research-Known ForLast NameStarts with (Lived)
French Physicist-Science of classical electromagnetismA (1775-1836)
Scottish inventor-invention of the first telephoneB (1847-1922)
Polish-French Physicist & Chemist-Research on radioactivityC (1867-1934)
English Naturalist & Geologist-Theory of evolutionD (1809-1882)
German-American Physicist- General theory of relativityE (1879-1955)
English scientist- Field of electromagnetism and electrochemistryF (1791-1867)
Italian Astronomer, Physicist etc-HeliocentrismG (1564-1642)
American Cosmologist-Extragalactic astronomyH (1869-1953)
Scottish Mathametician-Gravitational attraction of ellipsoidsI (1765-1842)
French Inventor-Loom for textile industryJ (1752-1834)
German Astronomer etc-Laws of planetary motionK (1571-1630)
Swedish Scientist & Physician-Modern biological naming schemeL (1707-1778)
Country, Research-Known ForLast NameStarts with (Lived)
Russian Chemist-Periodic Law and Table of elementsM (1834-1907)
English Physicist & Mathamethician- Laws of gravity and motionN (1643-1727)
American Physicist-Headed the Manhattan projectO (1904-1967)
French Chemist & Microbiologist-Principles of vaccination, microbial fermentationP (1822-1895)
Indian Physicist-Field of light scatteringR (1888-1970)
American Scientist, Author-Great communicator in astronomy and natural sciencesS (1934-1996)
Serbian-American Inventor-Modern alternating current electricity supplly sysytemT (1856-1943)
Canadian Chemist-Inventor of the alkaline and lithium batteryU (1927-2004)
Italian Physicist - Credited with first electrochemical cell batteryV (1745-1827)
American Biologist and Geneticist- Codiscovered structure of DNAW (1928-present)
English Physicist - Wave theory fo lightY (1773-1829)
Russian Electrical Engineer-Invented the Cathode ray tube needed for televisionZ (1889-1982)

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