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QUIZ: Can you name the E-Words Ending A to Z from hints and word lengths?

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Forced Order
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HintE-WordWord Length-Ends with
Distinct period of history or major division of time3-A
Movement of tide out to sea3-B
Relating to population subgroup6-C
Person who is intellectual7-D
Fit to be eaten6-E
Completely surround or cover6-F
Unit of work or energy3-G
Inscription on a tombstone7-H
Feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction5-I
Characteristic or identifying feature7-K
Lasting or existing forever7-L
Expulsion of an evil spirit8-M
HintE-WordWord Length-Ends with
A mental state of mind7-N
Official ban on trade with another country7-O
Provide with necessary supplies, materials5-P
A person who travels in search of geographical or scientific information8-R
Amount that is more than acceptable6-S
No longer in existence7-T
Large flightless Australian bird3-U
To abstain, keep away6-W
When day and night are equal7-X
Change of sea level throughout the world7-Y
Made or used as a substitute6-Z

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