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Can you name the Animal (A to Z) from the hint and word length?

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HintAnimal NameStarts with-Word Length
Small pig-like mammal found in sub-Saharan AfricaA-8
Large bovine found in North AmericaB-5
Insect found worldwide for past 300 million years!C-9
Wild canine found in AustraliaD-5
Largest land mammal found in Africa, south AsiaE-8
Bird of prey found mainly in temperate regions of northern hemisphereF-6
Rodent naturally found in sandy plains of Africa, south AsiaG-6
Scavenger mammal found in Africa, south AsiaH-5
Large docile lizard found in Central and South AmericaI-6
Boneless animal that floats in the oceansJ-9
Marsupial indigenous to AustraliaK-8
Mammal found mainly in the Andes region of South AmericaL-5
Omnivorous rodent-like mammal found in Africa, south AsiaM-8
HintAnimal NameStarts with-Word Length
Small amphibian fiund in North America, Europe, AsiaN-4
Large primate found found mainly in southeast AsiaO-9
Male bird known for its enormous, beautiful tail feathersP-7
Small bird lives in woodland, forest areas worldwideQ-5
Venomous snake found mainly in the AmericasR-11
Marine cephalopod commonly with eight armsS-5
Large pig-like mammal found in moist, dense forestsT-5
Small species of monkey native to rain forestsU-6
Large scavenging carnivorous bird found worldwideV-7
Medium sized marsupial found only in AustraliaW-6
Large bovine herd animal found in central AsiaY-3
An equine hybrid found mainly in AfricaZ-5

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