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Can you name the A-Words ending A to Z from hints and word lengths?

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Forced Order
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HintA-WordWord Length-Ends with
Pleasant smell5-A
Self confidence or assurance6-B
Relating to education8-C
Land with little or no rain4-D
Suggest or call attention to indirectly6-E
Alcoholic drink taken before a meal8-F
Material on frame to protect from sun or rain6-G
Direction of a compass bearing7-H
Graduates or former students6-I
Nocturnal burrowing animal8-K
Deviating from what is usual8-L
Localized enlargement of artery8-M
HintA-WordWord Length-Ends with
Part of the body containing digestive organs7-N
In the open air8-O
Venonous snake3-P
Permeable rocks that contain ground water7-R
Strong feeling of dislike6-S
Object made by human beings8-T
Straight pointed missile shot from a bow5-W
To append, attach or add5-X
Business or organization that provides services6-Y
Full of or alive with activity, talk5-Z

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