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Can you name the Who Said It? Muppet Treasure Island Edition?

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'How does she bloody do that?'
'Yeah, that... and my pants are filled with starfish'
''Take a cruise' you said, 'See the world' you said. Now here we are, stuck on the front of this stupid ship!'
'Politics! Politics!'
'All right. No more Ms. Nice Guy!'
'He died? And this is supposed to be a kids' movie'
'This is undoubtedly the seediest bunch of cutthroats, villains, and scoundrels I have ever seen, so who hired them?'
'No, that's silly. The man who *lives* in my finger hired the crew, Mr. Bimbo.'
'I got a lovely recipe for blackened rat.'
'Big Fat Ugly Bug-Faced Baby Eating O'Brien'
'Touching reunion, Benjamina. This seems to be your day for renewing old... acquaintances'
'But I ordered shrimp scampi!'
'I sink I smell somesing burning, no?'
'What if Clueless is right? What if it is curse-did?'
'Well, it was too late to save the movie!'

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