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Can you name the words in the 'Read At Home First Dictionary' book?

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AAn _____ is something exciting that happens
BYour _____ is the day you were born
CA _____ is a large old building with thick walls
DWhen you _____, you move to music
EAn _____ has a thin hard shell
FYou need to look for something to _____ it
GYou play a _____
HWhen you are _____ you feel good
IIf you have an _____, you think of something
JYou use a _____ to pour a drink
KYou cook in a _____
LA _____ grows on a plant
M_____ makes impossible things happen
NYour _____ is what people call you
OAn _____ is a bird which flies at night
PA _____ is two things which go together
QYou are _____ when you move fast
RA _____ is an instrument that you blow
SYou are _____ when you feel unhappy
TA _____ slides along on snow
UIf something is _____, it is not nice to look at
VIf you _____, you disappear
WA _____ turns round and round
XA _____ is an instrument with wooden or metal bars
YYou _____ when you are tired
ZYou can see wild animals at a _____

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