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What division of government...Name that Division/Head!
Bills start here.
Elected by electoral votes.
No requirements in the Constitution to become a member
Can grant pardons to federal offenders (criminals)
Each state has only two members
The vice-president is the head of his division.
Commander and chief of the armed services
Declares a law unconsitutional.
This group approves all treaties.
This group of our government has 100 members
Number of members from a state is based on the population of the state.
Term is for two years.
The candidate must be at least 35 years.
Has the power of judicial review
The candidate must be at least 25 years old.
The Speaker of the house is the head of this division.
This group of our government has 435 members
A person must be a citizen for nine years to qualify to become one.
What division of government...Name that Division/Head!
Confirms Cabinet appointments.
2/3s of the members are required to override the President's veto
Members hold their jobs for life, retirement, or impeachment.
A person must be a citizen to be one.
Has a cabinet to advise.
The candidates must be at least 3o years old.
Prepares our nation's budget.
Term is for six years.
A person must be a natural born citizen of the U.S.
To qualify, a person must be a citizen for seven years
The President appoints members of this branch
Term is for four years.
They vote on bills
Sets policy for dealing with other countries in the world.
Chief Justice is the highest-ranking member.
Has nine justices.
Negotiates treaties with other countries
Must be a resident for 14 years.

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