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From Aquinas. This is equal to the state of war. He explains ___ __ ___ as the way humans act when there is no third neutral party governing them. This understanding of no governme
Aristotle. He states that this is the understanding that the government is for the people and tries to direct th community toward happiness. Politics and law are used to lead peopl
Aristotle. ______ is activitiy of the soul in accordance with virtue. It is human nature to pursue ______ but humans are able to control themselves because they have the ability to
Aquinas. To make judgement to help people strive to follow the natural law. Humans live together under human law protected by governments in exchange for securities.
Aquinas. This term means that everything in nature has a final end and works their whole life to reach it. Aquinas uses the idea to prove his point that there is a god and men are
Thomas Hobbes 'Leviathan'. This term is defined as the best of both democratic and oligarchic principles. Having political structure that strives for virtues. It is a 'correct regi
Dworkin, 'Law as Integrity'. Dworkin explains that this idea of law that judgment should be based in precedent and then these cases should be justified by showing how they hold the
Antiphon. The Sophist on Truth. Means nature. Men tend to do this when they are in public.
Aquinas. Has to be pulmugated, established by proper authority, has to be rational according to reason and as to be for the common good. This is described as a human, restraining a
Antiphon. The Sophist on Truth. Means law. Men tend to do this when they are in public because they choose to do so.
Thomas Hobbes 'Leviathan'. Hobbes believes that the only way that government can properly govern the people is to have an absolute monarchy. The ______ ___ would be the right of a
Aristotle. A deviant regime is a government that is in favor of the rulers. He believes that a democracy is a type of this. He believes that in this type of system the rulers will
Thomas Hobbes 'Leviathan'. ______ itself means happiness but Hobbes explains that humans are always in motion to or away from something and therefore humans will never find happine
Thomas Hobbes 'Leviathan'. Work was created to explain Hobbes' social contrac theory. Theory states that humans are naturally flawed. Humans agree to government and law in return f
Plato, The Apology. This kind of person is someone who teaches rhetoric. They teach someone how to win arguments no matter the mora backing. Plato uses this term to describe Socrat

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Is the plural of Spider-Man 'Spider-Men' or 'Spiders-Man'?
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