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The boy who lived?
Grows up with the ?
On number 4?
Living in the?
Until it is revealed that Harry is a ?
who is accepted into?
under ?
into the house of?
with red haired friend ?
who has twin brothers ?
who gives Harry the ?
which is taken away by ?
who was bitten by ?
who also bit?
Who marries ?
who was in the ?
when this student dies?
Who dated ?
Who kissed harry in the?
where this group held its meetings?
which had its first gathering in the ?
which was overheard by?
who steals from the ?
Where this person grew up?
Who was imprisoned for the murder of?
Him, sirius, james, mcgonagall, and rita skeeter are?
James would turn into a ?
Which is Harry's?
Which fights off ?
which gaurd the cells of ?
which Hagrid is sent to for ?
Who's entrance is in the ?
which is haunted by ?
Who is there when Harry, Ron, and Hermione brew ?
To interrogate?
Who's family was/is a supporter of ?
Who wanted to own the ?
Which was one of the ?
Who's story was told to Harry, Ron, and Hermione by?
Who's daughter is?
Who is sorted into the house of?
Who's daughter ?
Stole the ?
Which is one of the ?
And is accidentally destroyed by a fiedfyre created by?
Who's father is a ?
This group appeared at the?
The teams participating were Ireland and?
Which featured famous seeker?
Who had a thing with?
Who's parents were?
Causing Malfoy to call her a ?
Another famous muggle born in the story is?
Who was loved by ?
Who can also be referred to as the?
Who's book Harry uses for ?
With Professor?
Who had a very important ______ Harry needed to obatain?
Which Harry and Dumbledore observed by means of using a?
On a different occasion through one of these, Harry saw Snape being bullied by?
Which ultimately ended Harry's lessons of _____with Snape?
Leading Harry to still have access to Voledmort's?
Which on one occasion leads him believe Sirius is being tortured in the ?
Which holds a ____ concerning Harry?
Which was made by ?
Who taught?
Which was later also taught by ?
Who was a ?
Who's herd attacked?
Who forced Harry to write?

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