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Can you name the Final Fantasy X Characters?

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Protagonist and star blitzball player
Father of protagonist
New summoner, following in her father's footsteps
Most recent high summoner
Blitzball player and guardian
Black mage and guardian
Ronso guardian
Al Bhed who becomes a guardian
Unsent guardian
Blue-haired villain
Personal sevant of blue-haired villain
Destroyer of Spira
Summoner within the character above
Grand Maester of Yevon
Ronso Maester of Yevon
The Fourth Maester of Yevon
Blitzball guardian's brother, killed in battle
Tall Besaid crusader
Short, overenthusiastic Besaid crusader
First Aeon
Fire Aeon
Thunder Aeon
Ice Aeon
Dark Aeon
Chained Aeon (hidden)
Aeon Trio (hidden)
Samurai/Mercenary Aeon (hidden)
Al Bhed leader, summoner's uncle
Chocobo Knights leader
Chocobo Knight always left behind
Other Chocobo Knight
Guardian of the Final Aeon (and a boss fight)
Traveling storyteller
Late Maester of Yevon, murdered by his son
Rival summoner with only one guardian
Guardian mentioned above
Friendly rival summoner
Youngest brother and guardian of summoner above
Elder brother and guardian of summoner above
Al Bhed named for familial role

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