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What is Fran's room number?
What is Jess Hatch's major?
Who was Brooklyn's first date?
What borough of New York City is Mike from?
What is the correct spelling of Naaz's last name?
What city is Sarah from?
What is Peter's girlfriend's name?
What is Andrew's girlfriend's name? (correct spelling)
Who played a concert during Brooklyn's first date?
What type of milk must Jeremy's sexual partners like?
What sport does Zack play?
What is Jeremy's brother's name?
Who won the Sycamore smash tournament?
What did Eric draw on the board at the beginning of the year?
What was Becca's room number?
Which of Fiona's cats died a week before UMASS?
What is Fran's parents' profession?
Which park in Disney did Chris lose his wallet in?
What was the name of the floor 2-Ball Soccer team?
How many floor couples have formed throughout the semesters?
What is Fiona's favorite psychological disease?
What is James' favorite candy?
What did Jess Contois have to complete a matching quiz on?
Kiki and Eric got interviewed by the news for this disease
Who competed in the Sydney Olympics?
Who is Becca's boyfriend?
What movie did Fiona think was based on a true story?
What is Micaela's signature Smash character?
What is Joey's favorite animal?
Which a capella group is Natalie a part of?
What is Abdul's full first name? (correct spellig)
Peter and Fiona both own ________
What is Jen's major?
What was Owen's 'fun fact' about himself at the first floor meeting? (1 word)
How does Rachel Bratton spell her name?
Where the _____, where the ______, where the ______ at?
What was Brandon, Fiona and Fran's Amazing Race team name?
Name Jess Contois' favorite nail polish color?
' ______-ass nonsense' -Mike
What is Jimmy's full name?

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