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Can you name the superheroes by combining the two clues?

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Clue #1AnswerClue #2
Maintenance workerAdult male
It ain't easy being thisLamp
Exchange an object for moneyThe organ of sight
Michael Jackson #1 'Billie ____'Earl ____ tea
To be bold enoughA mischievous person
Opposite of dayLimb specialized for flight
The Earth's natural satelliteA mounted soldier
TeacherAn unknown quantity or a variable
A rocket engineElement with the symbol Au
To speculateLady
Clue #1AnswerClue #2
Element with the symbol Ag9 time world champion Kelly Slater
UnbelievableThe body of a dismantled ship
ApparitionAn additional clause, such as 'no brown M&Ms'
The third gospelA prison
Element with the symbol FeA tightly closed hand
Military officer below a majorTo wonder at
1940's American slang for a legInterchangeable piece on a drill
A hero sandwichA baseball player from Seattle
light with a wavelength between 570 and 590 nmA short coat
Satan's abodeA male child
Fierce and untamedSmaug, Toothless or Norberta

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