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Can you name the Batman trivia from A to Z?

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During Dark Knight Rises' opening weekend, tragedy struck this Colorado cityA
The director of Batman (1989)B
This villain is able to shapeshift and change his appearanceC
The highest grossing American film of 2008D
Hush's alter egoE
The co-creator of Batman, along with Bob KaneF
The original alter ego of RobinG
In Batman Returns, Selina Kyle breaks her neon sign so that it reads ____ ____H
Jim Carrey is to Edward Nygma as Uma Thurman is to ______ _____I
Mark Hamill voices this character in several Batman adaptationsJ
Batman's back is broken by Bane (KRAKT!) in this storylineK
As the U.S. President, he declared Superman and Batman 'Public Enemies'L
Bruce Wayne's motherM
In the movie Batman and Robin, these unsightly modifications were added to the BatsuitN
Barbara Gordon provides information and support for Batman under this aliasO
The surname of Alfred, Batman's loyal butlerP
Harleen Frances _______Q
This man portrayed the Joker on the original Batman TV seriesR
The only hero listed above Batman in IGN's Top 100 Comic Book HeroesS
Joker murders him in the Death in the Family storylineT
Penguin's signature weaponU
Consummate reporter for the Gotham GazetteV
Batman's alter egoW
Superman has used this to discover Batman's alter egoX
Did you enjoy this quiz?Y
His self-inflicted wounds represent his victimsZ

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