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Minnesota State Bird
Hormel, creator of Spam is located in this Minnesota city
Twin cities based airline to first ban smoking on international flights
Saint Lawrence Seaway opened in 1959 allowing ocean going ships to reach what Minnesota city?
Oldest Professional theater in Minnesota / Oldest continuously operating professional theater in United States
Minnesota inventor of the Milky Way candy bar (first and last name)
The bundt pan was invented in Minnesota, True or False?
This city is the entry point for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area
U.S. state that shares a border with Northwest Minnesota
This red and khaki employee wearing department store originally opened in Roseville
Minnesota baseball commentator who was the first to say 'Holy Cow' during a baseball broadcast
U.S. Secretary of Agriculture from 1955-1961 who was from Minnesota
Home of the Golden Gophers
Minnesota has more of this than California
This city is the birthplace and home of world's largest Paul Bunyan statue. The kneeling statue is 20 feet tall; 33 feet tall if it were standing
Minnesota state tree
Last name of current governor (began in 2011)
Minnesota state flower
Minnesota state gemstone
Minnesota Twins star center fielder who died in 2006
In what city is the Old Log Theater located?
Pig's Eye was the original name of this Minnesota city

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