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what early Greeks called their belief that earth was at the center of universe
Greek view of the earth and the movement of celestial bodies
Greek idea that planets have a westward drift, which results from the combination of the motion of the Earth and the planet's own motion around the sun.
Capernicus' belief that the sun was the center of the 'universe'
he invented the telescope
The idea that because earth revolves around the sun, the position of a nearby star when observed from extreme points in Earth's orbit six months apart should shift with respect to
He discovered gravity
being 93 million miles from Earth, this star takes 8 minutes to shine on us
the sun's upper atmosphere sounds like a type of beer
the lower atmosphere of the sun sounds like silver, steel, stuff
the visible surface of the sun deals with the paparazzi
These are on the face of the sun, creating huge solar 'storms' every 11 years or so
this object is 240,000 miles from earth, making a full rotation in 27 1/3 days
occasionally,when Earth gets in between the sun and the moon this is seen from Earth at the time of a full moon
dark regions of the moon that were thought to resemble seas we see on earth
Lunar highlands that are elevated several killometers above dark regions
the soil-like layer of the moon that is composed of igneous rocks, breccia, glass beads, and fine lunar dust
the point of earth that is closest to the sun about Jan. 3
the point of earth that is farthest from the sun about July 4
when the sun is visible 24 hours a day above the Arctic Circle
when the sun is directly over the equator creating an equal amount of daylight and darkness
when the sun is not visible above the Arctic Circle, but is over the Tropic of Capricorn
this rare event happens when the moon is between the earth an the sun, blocking it's light
when an object is moving away, spectrum is shifted toward the red end of the spectrum(red shift) we call this..
this analyzes light spectra and can determine chemistry, temperature, and speed of motion
this travels 186,000 miles per second
One light year is equal to this many miles

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