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Can you name the instruments used in The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds?

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Carol Kaye, Ray Pohlman
Al de Lory, Mike Melvoin,
Andrew Maxson
Chuck Berghofer, Lyle Ritz
Gail Martin, Ernie Tack
Ray Caton
Carl Wilson, Glen Campbell, Al Casey, Jerry Cole, Kyle Burkett, Mike Deasy, Barney Kessel, Bill Pitman, Ray Pohlman, Billy Strange, Tommy Tedesco
Arnold Belnick, James Getzoff, William Kurasch, Leonard Malarsky, Jerome Reisler, Ralph Schaffer, Sid Sharp, Tibor Zelig
Lyle Ritz
Justin Ditullio, Jesse Erlich, Joseph Saxon
Carl Fortina, Frank Marocco
Steve Douglas, Bill Green, Jim Horn, Jules Jacob, Jay Migliori
Norman Botnick, Joseph DiFiore, Harry Hyams, Darrel Terwilliger
Steve Douglas, Leonard Hartman, Jay Migliori
Barney Kessel, Ray Pohlman
Frank Capp, Gary Coleman, Steve Douglas, Ritchie Frost, Jim Gordon, Bill Green, Plas Johnson, Julius Wechter, Jerry Williams, Dennis Wilson, Hal Blaine, Nick Martinis
Steve Douglas, Bill Green, Jim Horn, Paul Horn, Plas Johnson, Bobby Klein, Jay Migliori, Jack Nimitz
Brian Wilson, Al de Lory, Don Randi, Tony Asher
Leonard Hartman
Paul Tanner
Tommy Morgan
Al Jardine, Terry Melcher, Ron Swallow
Glen Campbell
Alan Robinson
Brian Wilson, Al de Lory, Larry Knechtel

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