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Can you name the following songs which have been translated into Japanese and then translated back into English?

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Re-Translated Lyrics (Year of Release)Song TitleOriginal Lyrics
In us song and you' Sing; In regard to the piano person. Tonight sing the song in us. (1973)
That fuse independently human here of the rocket which is blazed. (1972)
As a whole, it' Exactly another brick of the s wall. (1979)
And cat' S of quaver basket and spoon of silver. Blue small boy and person of month. (1974)
It is found that is untruth. You know that I am the liar. If I should call to you, ' Girl, us couldn' As for t many higher.' You obtain; (1966)
Perhaps me always it does not love. But to be long it is made the star on you. It is not necessary never to doubt that. I' It makes ll so securely concerning that. (1966)
I' M fence where the train of insanity goes. (1980)
Do me who love me dearly. Say that I am loved. Leave me who leave me. When I am needed, say exactly. I can' It does perhaps with something, the worry of t concerning you. (1996)
As for lonely people everyone, somewhere everything the empty them who come? All lonely people, everyone it belongs somewhere? (1966)
Exactly the girl of countryside town. Existence of the lonely world. She took the train of the midnight when it goes anywhere. (1981)

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