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Can you remember what happened in Emmerdale in 2017?

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02.01.17 Who set fire to Cain’s caravan?
10.01.17 Who is sent to prison for one month?
19.01.17 Who did Aaron assault?
24.01.17 What does Debbie tell her family, what is wrong with Sarah?
07.02.17 Cain and Chas’s mother returns to the village, what is her name?
14.02.17 Who accepts their boyfriends proposal?
21.02.17 Who gets married?
28.02.17 Who kidnaps Rakesh?
06.03.17 What drug does Aaron take in prison?
16.03.17 Who does Robert drunkenly sleep with?
23.03.17 Who accidentally knocks over Emma?
31.03.17 Where do Liv and Chas travel to, to visit Liv’s Mum Sandra?
06.04.17 Who discovers they are pregnant?
07.04.17 Who passes away from Pneumonia and Dementia?
18.04.17 Who discovers he cannot have children?
24.04.17 Who is raped on their wedding night?
04.05.17 Who is injured when David’s is robbed?
18.05.17 Who accidentally runs over their dog?
22.05.17 Who confesses to the police they attacked Josh?
01.06.17 Who proposes to Marlon?
08.06.17 What do Ross and Finn discover at Wylie’s?
09.06.17 Who start up an affair?
06.07.17 Who holds Lawrence hostage?
13.07.17 Who ends their marriage, by handing their ring back?
19.07.17 Who proposes to their boyfriend but is rejected?
28.07.17 How many years is Pierce sentenced to?
08.08.17 Who crashes their car at the Zombie event?
09.08.17 Who’s headstone does Josh fire his gun act accidentally?
15.08.17 Who discovers Emma killed James?
21.08.17 Who does Kerry discover sleeping rough?
24.08.17 Who is arrested for fraud?
06.09.17 Who tells their boyfriend Jai, they are pregnant?
18.09.17 Who is hospitalized for drinking a bottle of spiked brandy?
22.09.17 Gabby returns after spending 6 months where?
03.10.17 Who gives birth to a baby boy named Isaac?
05.10.17 How does Finn die?
06.10.17 Who is pushed off a viaduct?
20.10.17 Who is revealed to be Isaac’s father?
11.10.17 Who proposes to Lydia?
27.10.17 Who suffers a seizure?
09.11.17 What is Robert and Rebecca’s son called?
20.11.17 Who break start up with Lachlan?
08.12.17 Who falls down the stairs drunk?
24.12.17 Who tells their ex they killed Emma?
25.12.17 Eho returns in a dream to Robert?
29.12.17 What is the name of Aaron’s new boyfriend?

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