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Which pope ended lay investiture?
What divided the Christians into Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic?
Who was the patriarch of Constantinople and thought the Church was growing into a monarchy?
What is the practice by which a high ranking lay person, such as an emperor or lord, could appoint abbots or bishops?
Who is the pope during the 4th crusade and called for a crusade against Albigensians to root out heresies?
Who launched the 1st Crusade in 1096?
Who was educated at Monte Cassino?
Who combined Aristotle's logic with scripture and revelations?
Clement V moved the Papal residence from Rome to _____________?
The Pope allied with which country during 100s year war?
What is another name for the Bubonic Plague?
Who emerged as the real pope from the 3 popes during the Papal Schism?
What French King attempted to arrest the Pope?
What is the changing of the bread and wine when they are consecrated into the body and blood of christ?
During the Papal Schism the Italians elected Pope Urban VI and the French elected __________________?
Who invented the printing press in 1440
When did Columbus enter the new world?
Which great Russian leader saw himself as the successor of the fallen Byzantine empire?
Which city did Ivan the Great consider to be the '3rd Rome?'
What was the 1st large printed book in 1456?
Dominican Monks who live by begging
What were people rewarded with for participating in the crusades?
Who represented Pope Leo IX and executed Ceularius?
Who founded a mendicant order called the Franciscans with the ideals of simple living and total trust in God?
Which Saint joined St. Francis and later founded her own women's orders?
Who are the people who saw material things as bad also known as Manichaeism?
How long did the Papacy remain in Avignon?
What is combinin reason and revelation with logic?
When was the Great Schism?
Who initiated the Papal Inquisition?

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