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Can you name the video games just by their subtitles?

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Forced Order
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SubtitleMain Title
Mutant Apocalypse
6 Golden Coins
Dead Aim
Portable Ops
Fall of Man
Via Domus
Radiant Dawn
Four Swords Adventures
Sanity's Requiem
Crystal Chronicles
Glitch in the System
Warrior Within
Shadows of the Empire
Seeds of Evil
The Dark Descent
Invisible War
The Lost Chapters
Hoodlum Havoc
Pandora Tomorrow
The Dark Project
SubtitleMain Title
Terror from the Deep
The Angel of Darkness
Wrath of Heaven
City Folk
Operation Surma
Samurai's Destiny
The Darkside Chronicles
Band of Thieves
Odyssey to the West
Extreme Condition
All 4 One
Among Thieves
Orcs and Humans
The Shadow of the Templars
Elements of Power
Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
Double Dash!!
From the New World
Birth by Sleep

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