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QUIZ: Can you answer these extremely difficult questions about the Saw movie franchise?

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Forced Order
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Name of John and Jill's unborn baby?
Name of the trap that killed Trevor?
What cancer does John have?
Who is the first to die in the nerve gas house?
Who is the test subject in Saw 3?
And why are they being tested?
What are the names of the FBI detectives?
What is Jill's last name?
What is Mark Hoffman's newly promoted position?
How many people die in the Carousel Trap?
What department was Gibson from?
How many people died in the Saw traps altogether?
What nursery rhyme does Doctor Lawrence Gordon sing to his daughter Diane before leaving?
What is Doctor Lawrence Gordon expected to do?
Why was Paul Leahy tested?
In what Saw film is Addison Corday seen offering her services to John Kramer?
Who does Mark Hoffman attempt to frame?
Finish the quote: 'You think it's over just because I am dead. It's not over.'
Who is watching in on Seth Baxter's death?
What colour is John's hooded robe?
What the ****'s an Obi?
How many pints of blood is needed in order to win the final test in 'The Fatal Five'?
Who is Cecil Adams and how is he relevant to Saw?
What did Ivan Landsness have to do to survive his trap?
Did he succeed?
What did this result in?
What connected the victims in Saw 7?
What are Mark Hoffman's final words?
Who plays Zep Hindle?
What numbers were on the necks of each victim in order in Saw 2?

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