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The cave's limestone was laid down _ _ _ MYA
Most of the limestone comes from the ________ age
Name of the ancient river that deposited the sandstone and shale caprock
Chemical formula for limestone
Mineral found in the cave that can be used to start fires
Sparkly, white, evaporite mineral found in dry cave. Chemical formula CaSO4 x 2H2O
Speleothems that hang from the ceiling
Speleothems that grow from the ground up
Name for water that has picked up CO2 and can dissolve limestone
Direction of rock tilt and water flow in the cave
Name for animals fully adapted to cave life
This keystone species' guano feeds many cave dwellers
11 species of this flying mammal live at the park
Name for bat's sonar navigating system
Bones of this cousin to the wooly mammoth were found in the cave
Name one eyeless animal that lives in the underground rivers
Name another
One more
This animal was reintroduced to the park in the 1970s and can now be seen on roadsides daily
Name for the pack rat's collection of leaves and trash
Prehistoric Native Americans used this plant as torches for cave exploration
These once smelly artifacts tell us what prehistoric cave visitors had been eating
The Native Americans who visited the cave came from the late _____ period OR
the early _____ period
True or false: evidence shows that prehistoric people visited Cleaveland Avenue
Cave minerals mirabilite and epsomite may have been ingested because they are
The body known as Lost John was once on display in the cave near
Name of the man who supposedly rediscovered Mammoth Cave
Common name for potassium nitrate
This country blockaded the U.S.'s east coast during the war of 1812
This fault line caused devastating earth quakes in 1811/1812
Year tours officially started at Mammoth Cave
This man, who owned Stephen Bishop, bought the cave in 1838
This doctor bought the cave and Stephen in 1839
Disease the doctor tried to treat in the cave in 1842
Area of the cave named for Lincoln's assassin's brother who visited the cave?
Nationality of Max Kaemper, who mapped the cave with Ed Bishop in 1908
Year George Morrison blasted the New Entrance
This man died in Sand Cave in 1925
This drunk Union soldier wrote his name in Cleaveland Avenue in 1863
This stop on Discovery and Mammoth Passage is named for a naturalist from Transylvania University
Acronym for the group that made the cave trails in the 1930s
Do you need a permit to fish in the park?
This ferry is open from 6 am to 9:55 pm
How many restaurants does the hotel have?
Room where you can buy lunch in the cave
Longest walking tour offered
Tour with the fewest stairs
Name one of the lantern lit tours
Evening programs are offered in the summer at the amphitheater at this time

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